Being and Time – Simon Critchley

//Being and Time – Simon Critchley

Being and Time – Simon Critchley

This is a series of articles:

Being and Time, part 1: Why Heidegger matters

The most important and influential continental philosopher of the last century was also a Nazi. How did he get there? What can we learn from him?

Being and Time, part 2: On ‘mineness’

For Heidegger, what defines the human being is the capacity to be puzzled by the deepest of questions: why is there something rather than nothing?

Being and Time, part 3: Being-in-the-world

How Heidegger turned Descartes upside down, so that we are, and only therefore think

Being and Time, part 4: Thrown into this world

How do we find ourselves in the world, and how can find our freedom here?

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