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9 05, 2023

XARTS2023 – International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts

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SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering 1 Jul 2023 to 9 Jul 2023, Syros Co-organised by the Interactive Systems Design Lab (University of the Aegean) and CITU - PARAGRAPHE (University of Paris 8) in the framework of the European University ERUA Organizing Scientific Committee Maurice Benayoun, Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong Khaldoun Zreik, Professor, Director of Paragraphe Lab, University of Paris 8 Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos, Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean Modestos Stavrakis, Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean XARTS 2023 CALL FOR PAPERS AND PROJECT PROPOSALS The International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts celebrates 10 years since its first edition with a Call for Papers on the History and Praxis of Computer Animation and a Call for Projects that will be implemented as prototypes during the intensive workshops of XARTS 2023. CALL FOR PAPERS XARTS 2023 [...]

9 05, 2023

IKIT-2023 International Workshop on Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things, July 3-6, Athens, Greece

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The 8th International Workshop on Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IKIT 2023) in conjunction with the 23rd International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2023) will be held on July 3 - 6, 2023 in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and University of the Aegean, Athens, Greece. Internet of Things (IoT) is currently one of the most challenging areas of the Internet, enabling communication and ubiquitous computing between global citizens, networked machines and physical objects, providing a promising vision of the future integrating the real world of knowledge agents and things with the virtual world of information. IoT is seen as a network of trillions of agents and machines that communicate with each other, being a profound technological revolution, which is the current reality and the future of computing and communications, supported by a dynamical technological evolution in many fields, from wireless [...]

1 12, 2010

Hello, Everything: Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology

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Hello, Everything: Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology A conference sponsored by the UCLA Program in Experimental Critical Theory A conference sponsored by the UCLA Program in Experimental Critical Theory Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010 10:30-4:30 UCLA Faculty Center, Redwood Room 10:30-12:00 Graham Harman, “What are Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology?” 1:00-2:00 Timothy Morton (UC Davis), “Sublime Objects” Eleanor Kaufman (UCLA), Sartre and Object Classification” 2:15-3:15 Levi Bryant (Collin College), “Ontotheology and Withdrawal: Sexuation and the New Metaphysics” Nathan Brown (UC Davis), “On Method: The Compound Epistemology of After Finitude” 3:30-4:30 Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech), “Object-Oriented Ontogeny” Graham Harman (American University, Cairo), “Real Objects and Pseudo-Objects: Remarks on Method”

13 04, 2009

speculative realism/materialism workshop at uwe

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info from the infinite thought Speculative Realism / Speculative Materialism A One-Day Workshop 12–7pm, Friday 24 April 2009 Lecture Theatre H124 St Matthias Campus University of the West of England Bristol BS16 2JP Participants: Ray Brassier (American University of Beirut), Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England), Graham Harman (American University in Cairo), Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths, University of London) with a paper by Quentin Meillassoux (Ecole Normale Supérieure) The first ‘Speculative Realism’ workshop at Goldsmiths College, London, in 2007 sparked considerable interest and debate in contemporary European philosophy circles. This second workshop shall pursue some of the fundamental issues that emerged out of the first, principal among them the relation of speculative philosophy to materialist metaphysics. Materialism emerges at two key yet divergent junctures: firstly at the physicalist level, raising the problems of reduction and epistemic change, and in consequence, confronting the viability of any kind of speculative [...]

12 04, 2009

derrida today – deconstruction and science

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The journal Derrida Today announced a special issue on “Deconstruction and Science” Important Dates: 30 June 2009: Deadline for submission of 300-word abstract 30 November 2009: Deadline for submission of paper (no more than 6000 words) All submissions should be prepared for blind review and emailed to: with the title “”Deconstruction and Science”” as the subject title of the email. Co-edited by: Nicole Anderson Critical and Cultural Studies Department Macquarie University, Australia General Editor, Derrida Today H. Peter Steeves Professor of Philosophy DePaul University, Chicago Special Issue Topic In this special issue of Derrida Today, the editors wish to address the question of the meeting of deconstruction and science, the latter broadly defined. Since the 1960s and ‘70s, poststructuralist thought has garnered a reputation for being at odds with science and the Enlightenment worldview upon which modern science is based. This is understandable if for no other reason than the fact [...]

23 03, 2009

10th Annual Visualization Conference in Munich

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The latest developments and trends in the world of 3D real-time visualization at the 10th annual RTT Conference in Munich. (07-08 May 2009) This milestone event will focus on sharing visions and stimulating new ideas, covering a wide range of applications for visualization solutions in the fields of product development, design, marketing and sales. The event will also highlight the latest developments in high-end visualization. .

29 10, 2007

networks of design

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3-6 September, 2008 University College Falmouth Cornwall UK Networks of Design "responds to recent academic interest in the fields of design history, technology and the social sciences in the ‘networks’ of interactions that inform knowledge formation and design. Studying networks foregrounds infrastructure, negotiations, processes, strategies of interconnection, and the heterogeneous relationships between people and things." Thematic Strands Networks of Texts: including images, documents & databases Networks of Ideas: including theories, disciplines & concepts (among them ANT) Networks of Technology: including mechanical & virtual technologies Networks of Things: including material & technological artefacts Networks of People: including collectives & individuals The themes will be composed of a number of sub-strands that may include panels on particular aspects of networks of sustainability, the media, gender, consumerism, 'race,' globalisation, communication, leisure, tourism, the exotic, actor network theory, theory and practice, metaphor, memory, cross-cultural networks, inter-disciplinary networks (art, craft, architecture, design, science), professional networks, [...]

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