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20 04, 2009

the symptom 10 – spring 2009

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Spring 2009 - “Universalism versus globalization. This at least will be our US chapter - to be read as United Symptoms,” Jacques-Alain Miller Contents: Jacques-Alain Miller - Another Lacan Jacques-Alain Miller - Action of the Structure Jean-Luc Nancy - Interview with Jacques Derrida Alain Badiou - On a Finally Objectless Subject Shariar Vaghfipour - A Monster Found Everywhere Bruce Fink - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Eric Laurent - Psychoanalysis and Science Slavoj Zizek - My Own Private Austria Jamieson Webster - Drawing the Impossible Dylan Evans - Science and Truth Thomas Svolos - Ordinary Psychosis Charles Sheperdson - A Pound of Flesh Pierre-Gilles Guéguen - The Short Session Maire Jaanus - Inhibition, Heautoscopy, Movement Richard Klein - Lacan and Gödel Raphael Rubinstein - Three Poems Maria Cristina Aguirre - The Refusal of the Language of the Other Kirsten Hyldgaard - Sex as Fantasy and Sex as Symptom Bernard [...]

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