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Dendriforms is an interactive installation that explores the relationship of physical environment, technology and human participation. Dendriforms is an installation that aims to involve participants to the reconfiguration of the audio-visual world in a post-digital culture. In participating to a Dendriforms installation we are to perceive the limits of ambiguity. The fusion of installation and participant provides to the latter to the most radical attempt to stamp out ambiguity and to enforce to the interactive play of participation per se. The purpose is to draw participants in the rhythmic cycles of being involved in a perpetual dislocation of meaning production between the physical and the artificial (forms of trees and artificial cyber trees). Dendriforms focus to denote the unitary meanings that appear to exist beneath the surface play of ambiguities of the actual and to relate them to the synthetic experience of the symbolic representations of the surface event itself. Thus, it tries to accommodate awareness of the apeironic relationship of the physical, the mental and the technological.

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The installation is comprised of two indivisible components: the material construction and the algorithmic part. The main material body-structure of the installation is represented by abstract cubist forms of painted wood that also house the electrical and electronic equipment. The algorithmic part that operates at the heart of the installation’s body performs several functions including live video capture, video transformation and projection in synch with minimalist sound glitches. Dendiforms has been produced with the help of a variety of software tools, including: vvvv, processing and aa-lib.

Dendriforms development team: Konstantinos Pipinis, Modestos Stavrakis