The Workshop

León & Madrid (Spain) | May 2-4, 2023

From Information to InsightsBeyond AI, from Information to Knowledge to Sustainability

The dense and pervasive web of information technologies connecting people and sensors is constantly turning information into actions and creating extraordinary opportunities in a historical circumstance we designate as the “information age”. At the same time, current technological and societal endeavours shows, on the one hand, that the benefits of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based approaches are very uneven in scope and, on the other hand, that the key question of our time is how to master information to trigger appropriate actions and “insights” for the benefit of individual and collective lives.

This problem is actually twofold: on the one hand, we should better understand information in its multiple aspects and contexts of application; on the other hand, we need to cope with the enormous flow of information, overcoming the information overloads and improving the quality of information in the benefit of solving problems at different levels from individuals to organisations of diverse size and scope.

The glossaLAB Workshop aims to address both issues in order to contribute to the development of a transdisciplinary framework for the integration of knowledge applied to the general study of information and to the information management for sustainability. Experts in various fields of knowledge will explore strategies for information and its technologies to contribute to the building of integrated knowledge, capable of bridging between branches of knowledge for the confrontation of complex problems and the construction of a more sustainable world. At the same time, the glossaLAB platform will offer a meeting point to clarify the fine network of concepts (specific to the approaches addressed) that lead us from the confrontation with reality to its understanding and the solution of real problems.


Updated timetable

The glossaLAB Workshop will be carried out in three different Spanish locations: León, Villalba and Madrid, as indicated in the calendar attached (upper row). See venues. At the same time, glossaLAB Workshop will be held ‘on-line’, allowing for interactive participation. Registration is required to receive access information.

Call for research papers

The glossaLAB Workshop invites researchers from all branches of knowledge to present and discuss’ interdisciplinary approaches aimed at putting information and its technologies at the service of building and integrating knowledge and tackling complex problems. Proposals for contributions to be presented at the May conference must be submitted by 15 April as abstracts for peer-review. If accepted, they could be discussed in the context of the glossaLAB workshop in May and go on to a second phase of review of the extended article for subsequent publication in the indexed proceedings (Springer) of the workshop associated with glossaLAB integrated in the ARTIIS congress (18-20 October 2023, Villalba).

Both papers presented in May, as well as independent extended paper proposals submitted for their presentation in October, must be adapted to the publication conditions established for the ARTIIS congress (18-20 October 2023, Villalba), which offers a common publication pathway for the papers submitted.

Invitation to elucidate concepts at glossaLAB

A fundamental factor of transdisciplinarity is to create an understanding of the key concepts we use across the boundaries of the disciplines at stake, to which glossaLAB is specifically devoted to. We can simply use the relatively common words “system”, “network”, “interdisciplinarity”… and believe that everyone is understanding, or we can make it clear to overcome misunderstandings. In doing so, we are expressing the relationships and differences between our points of view, which is crucial in creating genuinely transdisciplinary frameworks.

The elucidation activity will be specially supervised between 2 and 4 May, but will remain open for further editing. Go to the elucidation activity