In this tutorial I will show you how to disable the N95 camera red light non destructively [It has been confirmed that it works on 8GB version].

Beware! There are other methods around the web that suggest to cut wires and permanently damage your phone (here or here). This is not the case here, the method presented in this post is fully reversible. This is not an easy process and requires to disassemble your phone; tho it is not so difficult. It took me around 15 minutes in total.

Here is what you need to complete the process (a paper trimmer or any kind of blade(surgical type) good enough to be able to cut with precision, a T6x50 precision screw driver, tape and a N95!)



Here are the steps to follow:

To start with remove the battery cover and battery.


  • Next remove the back cover of the phone. You can do this by hand, just try to pull the cover from the front right side and then remove (gently!).



  • Then remove the four screws as shown on the following image (including the power-on/power-off plastic cover at the top):
  • N95_four_screws

  • Slide the screen lid, turn the phone around and remove the screen by unplugging the connector:
  • N95-remove_screen

  • Remove the Keyboard and then remove the two (usually black with a spring around them) screws at the lower bottom of the N95:
  • N95-KeyboardScrews

  • Separate the two basic PCB parts (be careful not to touch the memory chips):
    • N95_PCB_parts

Locate the six pads that the camera flashing light is connected on the main PCB. It is a 6-pad array located at the left-top of the PCB.


N95-PCB N95_PCB_partB

Cut a small piece of tape around 1mm wide and place it on top of the middle pad closer to the phone’s camera. Be very careful not to cover anything else, you might disable the flash light etc)



Reassemble the phone by following the above steps in the reverse order.

if everything went right then the red light is now off!

Good luck.

Here is a video showing the disassembly process: (removed by Nokia!)

– Portuguese version here