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29 11, 2010

Softimage Glossary

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Glossary of Terms Glossary The following is a glossary of terms used in SOFTIMAGE. 2D textures See Textures. 3D Three dimensional. A concept used in modelling and animation in which shapes are defined in terms of three axes (x, y, and z) used to represent width, height, and depth, respectively. 3D textures See Procedural textures. Actor A term often used for an animated character. OR Actor is also the module in SOFTIMAGE|3D that lets you create characters made from articulated chains. See Articulated chains and Inverse kinematics. Adaptive supersampling A way of antialiasing the surface of an object by decreasing the oversampling rate for those pixels that do not require the oversampling. Compare to Barlett filter. The results of adaptive supersampling are slightly more localized than a Barlett filter, and the computing time is often shorter. Algorithm A rule or procedure for solving a mathematical problem that usually involves repeating [...]

24 02, 2009

Autodesk Softimage 7.5

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The first official Autodesk Softimage version is here and its 7.5. Key New Features in Autodesk Softimage 7.5 UV Unfolding Technology: Softimage now features UV unfolding technology that enables artists to unwrap polygon models with just a few clicks. This technology works well on complex organic models, which would be difficult to unwrap manually. Softimage 7.5 also provides UV editing tools that help artists quickly create and edit UV maps. mental ray 3.7+: Version 3.7+ of the mental ray renderer is now integrated into Softimage 7.5. Highlights include improvements to binary space partitioning for faster render times, multiple final gathering refinement passes and new motion-based displacement. These enhancements help users create high-fidelity images faster than ever before. Multithreaded Syflex Cloth Simulator: The production-proven cloth simulator in Softimage is now multithreaded, enabling artists to use the cores on their machine to iterate faster. Scene Compatibility with Version 7.0: Scenes saved in [...]

25 10, 2008

mixed feelings, Autodesk acquires Softimage.

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It has been officially confirmed that Autodesk signed agreement with Avid Technology to Acquire Softimage. Users' feelings are mixed for the future of the Softimage product line. In general the most important questions are: Are they to kill Softimage? Till now Autodesk acquired all major 3D packages. What about competition ? What are the pros and cons of such an acquisition? Some say no, Softimage is not to be killed, and this in a way is probable. Autodesk never killed any of its previous aquisitions, including Maya, Mudbox, Descreete Logic products etc. They still develop these products but evidently the "innovation curve" have changed. It is a truism that we havent seen any major additions to Maya since Autodesk aquired it. We hope this will change in the near feature. In general, the pros and cons that most users identified in various forum discussions are: Pros & Cons Autodesk, [...]

19 10, 2008

XSI 7.0: Bradley Gabe’s videos

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Bradley Gabe shows in his XSI 7 Video Tutorial how you can creates a static particle emission, then drives point animation using vectors pulled from curve tangency. here is the link: ICE Demo: Building a Force from a Curve   Vortex Control ICE: An Artist Tour #1 ICE: An Artist Tour #2 -- Production Primer

15 11, 2007

Texture Libraries

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3dTrees Aurora's Northern Nights Blade's Textures BugScope Corbis Images Maps Of The Solar System Marlin Studios Moving Textures Nova Videos Photodisc Photovault Planetary Maps Textures To The Max Web Nebula freetextures

15 11, 2007

Video editors

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Nothing Real Shake Adobe After Effects Discreet Combustion In:Sync Speed Razor Mach Eyeon Digital Fusion

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