20 09, 2008

new-media student demoreel 2008

By |2016-01-12T21:11:04+02:00September 20th, 2008|art, design, graphic design, Interaction Design, product design, user experience design (UX)|10 Comments

This is the new-media demoreel that we first presented at the animasyros festival. It includes student projects from the following modules: traditional animation, computer animation, advanced animation, computer games, multimedia design, audiovisual design, virtual reality, as well as some parts from final year theses. [flv width="600" height="320"] http://xylem.aegean.gr/~modestos/mo.blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/aegeansyros-demo-reel-newmedia.flv[/flv] Download: Low Resolution -  High Resolution

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