22 10, 2010

Interactions 2010/09

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While interactions magazine is charged with exploring the art of design from every perch, sometimes that perspective is as basic - and often complex - as examining the influences that make us human. Editor-in-chief Jon Kolko explains that designers frequently find themselves reflecting on the nuances of human natures-that is, matters of cognitive psychology, social interaction, "and the desire for emotional resonance." The cover story reflects on the qualities of affinity, described by Matthew Jordan as the "emotional connection someone feels for a product or service as driven by these notions of beauty and identity." Jordan contends that along with usefulness and usability, affinity is the third influencer on a design’s success. Also in this issue: Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen on the usability of gestural interfaces. Jodi Forlizzi compares experience and service design. Ben McAllister on why "the conversation" isn’t always a conversation. Liz Danzico contends the design of [...]

27 01, 2010

Interaction Design (IxD) Resources: Journals, Conferences, Magazines, Workshops, Websites

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Journals (in alphabetical order) ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, [ACM] TACCESS is a quarterly journal that publishes refereed articles addressing issues of computing as it impacts the lives of people with disabilities. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions The primary emphasis has been on results of broad application, but the journal considers original work focused on specific domains, on special requirements, on ethical issues -- the full range of design, development, and use of interactive systems. AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, [AIS, independent, online publisher] It is a high-quality peer-reviewed international scholarly journal on Human-Computer Interaction. As an AIS journal, THCI is oriented to the Information Systems community emphasizing applications in business, managerial, organizational, and cultural contexts. However, it is open to all related communities that share intellectual interests in HCI phenomena and issues. . The editorial objective is to enhance and communicate knowledge about the interplay among humans, information, technologies, [...]

7 12, 2009

touch and multi-touch interfaces

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Introduction to touch and multi-touch interfaces Touch-screens are device screens that provide interaction interface to various operating systems by using touch. Nowadays touch-screens are being used in a wide variety of devices and particularly in mobile computing with include laptops, smartphones, handhelds and lately tablet PCs. Touch-screen usage is approved to be straightforward, as touch-screen interaction is designed to be intuitive and quick to learn compared to other pointing devices ((Benko, H., Wilson, A. D., & Baudisch, P. (2006). Precise selection techniques for multi-touch screens. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in computing systems (pp. 1263-1272). ACM.)), ((Ichikawa, H., Homma, M., & Umemura, M. (1999). An experimental evaluation of input devices for pointing work. International Journal of Production Economics, 60-61, 235-240. doi:10.1016/S0925-5273,98,00162-5.)). Touch-screens are used for interacting with many different types of applications in many different contexts and often replace traditional pointing devices such as the mouse and [...]

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